The Minnesota High School Fencing Championships took place on Saturday, February 25, and Sunday, February 26 at Blake High School. Congratulations to our fencers on a great season! 

Overall, Spartan fencing placed second overall in the women’s competition and third overall in men’s competition. These scores were calculated by tallying all of the points from each fencer who competed in state competition over the weekend. Overall results include:

  • Men’s epee: 1st place
  • Women’s epee: 2nd place
  • Men’s foil: 6th place
  • Women’s foil: 6th place
  • Men’s saber: 4th place
  • Women’s saber: 2nd place

SPA Fencing Boasts Another Strong Finish at 2023 State Championships

Spartan Fencing closed out the 2022-23 season on a high note at the Minnesota State High School Fencing Championships on February 25-26. In the team competition, mens’ and womens’ fencing both finished in the top three in the state, with the boys finishing third and the girls finishing second overall.

At State, Spartan fencers competed in women’s foil, women’s epee, women’s saber, men’s epee, men’s foil, and men’s saber. Individual finishes included: 

  • Women’s saber: Annie Bai ’24 (4th place) and Halle Cowgill ’24 (2nd place)
  • Men’s saber: William Moran ’23 (3rd place)
  • Women’s epee: Belle Weng ’25 (5th place)
  • Men’s epee: Milan Mishra ’25 (3rd place) and Maik Nguyen ’24 (2nd place)
  • Women’s foil: Claire Kim ’24 (6th place)

In addition to the individual competition, the SPA team placed in the top ten in every team event:

  • Women’s epee: 2nd place: Rita Li ’24, Belle Weng ’25, and Annie Zhang ’25
  • Women’s saber: 3rd place: Annie Bai, Halle Cowgill, Zadie Martin ’24, and Rowan Moore ’26
  • Men’s epee: 1st place: Milan Mishra, Humza Murad ’23, and Maik Nguyen
  • Men’s foil: 8th place: Jack Gordon ’28, Elijah Peres ’24, Allan Wang ’26, and Jesse Wussler ’26
  • Men’s saber: 1st place: Soren Miller ’23, William Moran, and Roberto Velez ’23

Congratulations SPA fencing and go Spartans!

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